Two New Hot Buzz Sauces – Recipes Included

Two New Hot Buzz Sauces – Recipes Included

While we were on a break, we created a new Hot Buzz episode, and grew some hot peppers.

Both Craig and I grew a ton of peppers this summer. Jalepeños, Ghost Peppers, Scorpion Peppers, and Carolina Reapers. We had to figure out things to do with our pepper haul. The first things to ripen in my garden were a bunch of Jalepeños, and two gorgeous brilliant red Carolina Reapers.

Let’s take a look at the scoville ratings of these gentlemen.

  • 0 – Bell Peppers
  • 100-500 – Sweet pepper
  • 1250 – Poblano pepper
  • 3750 – Original red Tobasco
  • 5000 – Jalepeño
  • 50,000 – Cayenne
  • 100,000 – Bird’s Eye (Thai) Chili
  • 150,000 – Habenero
  • 1m – Bhut Jolkola (Ghost Pepper)
  • 1.2m – Naga Viper
  • 1.5m – 2m – Scorpion Pepper
  • 2m-2.5m – Carolina Reaper

On one end of the scale we’ve got some of the mildest peppers, and on the other end, we’ve got the hottest peppers.

We came up with a couple of variations on cool hot sauces. One would be hot, with tons of flavour, while the other would be mild, but sweet and bright tasting. (more…)